About us

The Founders + Co-Editors 

Jessica Schweifel Mahaney
 is a Mother, Certified Integrative Life Coach, writer, teacher and human-development enthusiast. She believes that parenthood and marriage are ultimate landscapes for conscious evolution, paths to the growth and transformation of our selves and our society. Jessica lives in the SF Bay Area and her husband and daughter.Some of her current writing and musings on motherhood can be found on her blog.


Teresa LaMendola Kabat-Zinn, M.A., is a Mother, counselor, writer, and teacher who in her professional life works with a passion for bringing mindfulness into the everyday lives of parents. Teresa has co-developed and taught a mindfulness based curriculum for parents of Autistic Children at Stanford’s Lucile Packard Center and as part of a long-term study on stress and cell aging at UCSF. Teresa lives and breathes with the intention of being present to life as it is unfolding, holding this to be the foundation for self-discovery and growth. She believes that parenting is a practice, a lifelong journey that is always here and now. Teresa lives in the East Bay with her husband and two children.


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